8 mayo, 2016

Mother’s Day

22 abril, 2016

Earth Day

To those interested in taking action, make donations and help out a fellow country, these are some of the organizations gathering all contributions. http://bit.ly/AHVDonate http://bit.ly/RCDonateW #earthday […]
5 abril, 2016


Encourage those who share the world. Lets prove the world that travel is not a matter of money, but sharing. If you wanna see how the […]
15 marzo, 2016


So, how much life does your salary costs?
7 marzo, 2016


> Explore <
4 marzo, 2016

Wander Books

How to be an explorer of the world by Keri Smith A toolkit to keep alive our ability to be surprised every second and to build up […]
4 marzo, 2016


Google “travel to + (the initial letter of your name)”. Then, come back and tell us what you got.
2 marzo, 2016

BUCKET LIST | The Whitest Dunes Alive

For all the supertrams out there, here’s a place you must not miss on, The Lençois Maranhenses National Park. Situated in the Northeast region of the […]
26 febrero, 2016

Treasures from the road

As wanderers, we collect memorable objects, treasures from the road in the form of trinkets that would remain forever in our mental museums because our journeys […]
23 febrero, 2016

WanderGADGETS | The first water bottle that never runs dry!

  Hell yeah! Have you ever thought of a water bottle that can refill itself up by means of condensation of moisture from the air and […]
14 febrero, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

#ShareTheWorld #HappyValentinesDay
11 febrero, 2016

Thailand | No Ordinary Venue

30 days, 600 dollars, made thousands of friends,uncountable anecdotes and life experiences,the best 4.000 km ever spent, 2 ferries, 3 flights, more than 100 hr on […]
10 febrero, 2016

Top 10 Full-time Wanderlusters hitting the road

Wanderlust is being adventurous enough to keep migrating from place to place and knowing that there are several “passing-through” stations to say hello, goodbye and keep […]